Person-Centred Therapy

Why counselling?

There are times when life today can seem very complicated and confusing, when it feels like you have lost your way and do not know where you are going.

Maybe something has happened to you to make you feel like this, or maybe not. However, when you do feel like this, it can spill into all areas of your life, and begin to effect all your relationships. 

When we are stressed and anxious, often we feel stuck and unable to make a decision or see how to proceed. Life seems very much out of our control, which might make us feel depressed, angry or sad and quite isolated.

We may watch ourselves behaving in ways we do not like, unable to recognise the person we have become.

Is counselling for me?

Friends and family can help. But if you feel the need for someone who has no other role in your life, a counsellor can help you explore, in total confidence, the issues that are weighing you down. She will not judge you or tell you what to do but will respect you as an individual, with your own unique set of experiences and expectations. 

It is a rare opportunity for you to look at the hopes, dreams and, often conflicting, wishes that you hold for yourself and those in your life. Your therapist will encourage you to find the insights and answers that are right for you, so that you can begin to live your life in the way you want to. Help you unlock the door behind which the person you want to be is waiting. 

Who comes for counselling?

People seek out a therapist and come to counselling for all sorts of reasons. For example, you may be:

  • Feeling depressed, not yourself, lacking in confidence, or sense that something is not quite right in your life
  • Suffering from a loss or bereavement and finding it difficult to manage with life
  • Experiencing relationship difficulties, either at work or personally
  • Have been abused, or unable to move on from issues in your childhood
  • Low self-esteem or lacking in confidence and need help sorting through your thoughts and feelings
  • Stressed, anxious or angry and finding it difficult to cope at home or at work
  • Confused or overwhelmed with life changes, growing older or making important decisions

But... you do not have to bring a particular problem. Often just feeling troubled or ill at ease with yourself can affect many aspects of your life and it helps to talk things through. Therapy can lead you on a journey of inner discovery, in which you come to know, understand and accept yourself and the things that have happened within your life. 

For most people it is an empowering experience, that often leads to a greater sense of wellness, peace and happiness. It leads to a more fulfilled life, in which you are the person you want to be.

Your Therapist: Jo Glass, BA (hons), Dip(HE hons), MBACP

Jo trained as a person-centred counsellor, at the University of Cumbria, formally St Martins college, accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). She is a member of the BACP, and adheres to its code of ethics.

Jo has had additional training in experiential Expressive Arts Therapy. Its roots are in the work of Natalie Rogers and Carl Jung. She has studied with Dinah Brown, who worked with Natalie Rogers for many years. 

Jo received extensive training in Mindfulness, looking at a modern application for Eastern understandings for how the mind works; and approaches to over-coming depression, stress and anxiety and how to live a balanced life. 

Jo can incorporate elements of mindfulness or art therapy in my counselling practise, if requested, as a way of calming and centring oneself or focusing and clarifying deeper thought processes.

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