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History shows that every culture in the world has, at some stage in their evolution, used herbs as the main basis of their medicine and, until the onset of chemical refinement around 50 years ago, nearly all of the drugs prescribed by doctors had a herbal origin. Today, Herbalism draws both from its vast knowledge as one of the oldest medical systems in existence and modern scientific research to create a rounded, effective and natural treatment for a variety of conditions.

What does a herbalist do?

Herbalists help others improve their health through the use of natural plant material, a source of healing that does not burden the body with chemicals and very rarely causes side-effects in the way many orthodox drugs can. A full herbal consultation includes a review of your current situation or health concern through investigation of your medical history and the use of conventional diagnostic techniques such as feeling pulses, tongue analysis, general observation and palpation. A personal blend of herbs is normally prescribed to meet your specific needs. All herbs used at the Clinic are of the highest quality, and, where possible, organic and biodynamically harvested and may be in the form of:

  • Infusions (Prepared like tea)
  • Decoctions (simmered in pot with water)
  • Capsules (hand-made, containing ground herbs)
  • Powders
  • Tinctures (Herbs suspended in pure, high-grade alcohol)

It is possible to prescribe natural medicines without a consultation, for example in the case of colds or flu. If you are simply seeking natural medicines to help with the symptoms, please contact me for details.

Can't I simply buy over-the-counter herbs?

Of course you can or you could even pick them from the countryside yourself, but there may come a time when a consultation can be beneficial. Unlike modern pharmaceutical drugs, it is not simply a matter of matching a certain herb to a specific condition since each herb can potentially exert many different effects on the body’s tissues and organs. The art of herbal therapeutics is blending the most appropriate plants to create a unique formula for each individual that acts to support health by stimulating or modifying the body’s self-healing, vital energy.

What conditions can be helped by herbs?

Most conditions can be treated using herbs, however successful treatment depends on many different factors, so it is always best to contact me to briefly discuss your concern first.

You do not need to be ill to see a Herbalist!

Herbs can also be beneficial to those who are fortunate to be well and wish to maintain or enhance their health. ‘M.O.T.’ consultations at specific times of the year can be helpful, especially for those prone to illness or infection as the seasons change and regular maintenance treatments can often help to avoid acute flare-ups of certain conditions too. Should you have potentially stressful events on the horizon such as; job interviews, exams or weddings - herbal medicine can also offer the body vital support to help with the occasion.

About the Therapist - Michael Shortt BSc (hons)

I have lived locally since 1998, having previously worked in Ireland running a clinic for sufferers of the skin conditions Psoriasis, Eczema and Dermatitis (also now available at Bark of the Willow). I have a BSc (Hons) degree in Herbal Medicine and am a member of the URHP, an international register of professional Herbal Practitioners.

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