"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. 

Begin it now" - Goethe

We are, in our own rights, many things. We are Healers, Teachers, Seekers, Naturalists, Herbalists, Scientists, Emotional Freedom Facilitators, Freethinkers, Empathics, Person Centred Counsellors, Reflexologists, Practitioners,Therapists, Psychics, Metaphysicists, Astrologists, Astronomists, Lightworkers, Awakeners, Intuitives, and so much more! We come from all walks of life and we share a common purpose...

  • To Unite and to Work for the Betterment of All
  • To Grow and Evolve ourselves.
  • To raise our Individual Awareness and the Global Consciousness to a Higher Vibrational Frequency.

Our Vision

We are dedicated practitioners and we address each clients' need in a thorough, objective and balanced way.

We believe that the Principles contained in Complementary and Alternative Medicine are valid and can be applied to help solve personal, national and global conflicts.

We affirm our commitment to honest treatment of each client and to every issue we explore.

To this end Our Mission is :

To Create an environment where we can Promote and Strengthen our clients' ability to Heal.

  • To Empower our clients.
  • To Access Inner Guidance for our clients.
  • To Awaken and Build on the resources our clients have within to Heal.
  • To Enable Deeper Understanding of the causation of problems/distress/disease.
  • To Give Clarity in a confusing age.
  • To Help our clients Regain their own Spiritual, Physical, Psychological and Emotional Authority.
  • To Aid our clients in the maintenance of their health in the long term

Bark of the Willow is dedicated to bring insight and knowledge through a credible source of solutions to the problems that we ALL face in the 21st century.

Our message is simple

It is one of Hope for a Better, Healthy, Equal and Peaceful World to come.

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